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Better IDEA Keymap

Published 30 July 2016

Completely overhauled keyboard shortcuts for Intellij IDEA on macOS.

Boring ramblings (skip)

First of all I really want to shout out to Intellij for building such awesome tools. I used Eclipse, Netbeans, Visual Studio but they all suck tremendously. OK, Eclipse and Netbeans are OSS, so you can live with that. But VS? Its almost cruel how shitty it is. It is so shitty that Intellij made a plugin to fix it. With the plugin its good. But costs > $1000 for professional use. Its shameful, really.

IDEA is fantastic, it starts quickly, doesn’t freeze up, offers all these advanced features, code completions, rewrites and so on. I really recommend it to everyone.

And it has a community version which is free and paid version is well worth its money. I pay monthly subscription for my PyCharm.

So why would I ramble about it in the first place? IDEA has not one but 3 shortcut sets:

These are just some examples, but generally the keymaps are this stupid overall. I genuinely wonder who came up with these. F keys on macOS have been traditionally used for media keys, screen dimming and such. I do not want to use Fn modifier for that, and I sure as hell will not type Fn⌘⇧F11 just to Run my code, which is probably the most common action I need a shortcut for. Stupid.

Guiding Principles

I wanted my shortcuts to be as usable as possible, so I tried to keep to these rules:

Disclaimers and limitations

Show me the shortcuts!

Multiple cursors:

Running tests:

Navigation Around IDE:

Navigation In the Editor:

Other shortcuts:



Please take these shortcuts, use them, improve on them, share the changes. Maybe we can convince Intellij to adopt them for the next IDEA Release.

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