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Better IDEA Keymap

Published 30 July 2016

Completely overhauled keyboard shortcuts for Intellij IDEA on macOS.

Lamp Project: Assembly Timelapse

Published 1 April 2015

I have recorded a couple of timelapse videos during project assembly, including sanding the PCB, inserting components and soldering them. I trust some of you might find it interesting, it’s about one minute long.

Lamp Project: Printed Circuit Boards

Published 19 March 2015

The journey of the PCB from start to finish. Designed using Eagle CAD, printed at OSH Park, delivered, assembled to build the final lamp.

Lamp Project

Published 18 January 2015

In this series I will share my experiences with building an Rfduino-based RGB LED lamp from start to finish, including iOS and other apps for remote control.

Python Pip Crashes

Published 21 February 2014

I was upgrading my disk to SSD the other day, and to make sure all my data fit, I’ve done some cleaning up, among others I’ve run brew cleanup which deletes old formulae. But apparently somewhere along the way that has broken my Python install. Trying to run Flask server would produce a cryptic error:

Macbook Pro SSD Upgrade

Published 20 February 2014

I have a Macbook Pro from mid 2010. Its coming up on 4 years, so some would say that it’s quite old, but I’ve upgraded its RAM to 8GB and it has been working for me quite nicely until recently when I felt that it’s starting to get slow.

Performance of the unwrapIris()

Published 11 February 2014

After the performance improvement from yesterday, I wanted to try some more things, because the speed of this was still not satisfactory (I spent an hour processing 2000 images).

Performance of the getOrientationAndMagnitude()

Published 10 February 2014

I normally don’t do premature performance optimizations, and I was planning on optimizing the whole eye tracker later, when I felt I had all of the functionality I wanted, but from time to time, you still want to check your code, particularly when it’s suspiciously slow. So I did examine the code I had written so far using line_profiler (Abysmal documentation btw.) like so:

Units Safari Extension

Published 1 February 2014

Did you know that there are still people in this world who use imperial units? For some reason they refuse to switch and continue using this stupid system. I requent Reddit and it’s quite common to find these people there, so instead of just bitching I decided to do something about it.

Unwrapping the iris

Published 1 February 2014

In the previous installments we’ve looked at Pupil Detection and Iris Detection. Now we’ll look at unwrapping the image of the iris from a circular pattern to a rectangular one. We will use this later for some other algorithms.

Basic Iris Detection

Published 30 January 2014

Iris detection is significantly more difficult than pupil. Mostly because it is not so well defined, pupil is just a black disk essentially as far as a grayscale image is concerned, but the outer edge of the iris is not nearly as sharp as the outer edge of the pupil is. Also, there is a much higher probability of glints and reflections in the iris, since it is larger than the pupil and this can complicate the detection further. And on top of all that the upper and lower eyelids often cover up portions of the iris, which means that detecting the iris as a circle is going to be either difficult or impossible.

Basic Pupil Detection

Published 29 January 2014

Pupil Detection will be the basis of my eye tracker. In the end it will rely on accurate and robust pupil detection, but for now a simple detector will do. Later I will revisit the detection when the basics of the other components are done.


Published 28 January 2014

Hi everyone, I intend to use this blog thing to write about the progress of my Master Thesis. I’ll be talking about implementing various computer vision algorithms together to form an eye-tracker. In between I’ll talk about other things if something interesting comes up.